Why thank you for joining me!
 Dolly is often seen modelling latex and anything grunge from designers around the world. However, Dolly started out as a high fashion model, and still loves to work within this field. She is talented in her own hair and make-up, but can also work professionally with a full team of creative people. She loves to travel, so don't be put off by where you're from, she will come to you, no problem. A versatile model with alot to give.


*Now booking for full time*
28th/29th July- Fiendarella TBC

6th-12th- MAGALUF!
14th August- Video shoot Oxford*
22nd August- Immortal eye
23rd August- Fiendarella 
25th August- Joe Gascoigne

18th September- Thomas Day*
19th-30th -Moving to BRIGHTON university

16th October- Salon International w/Rush Salon